TRIPOLI - Corinthia Tripoli Hotel



alto edificio di 100 m

€ 125.000.000,00


The prevalent form of structure adopted for for the buildings making up the Corinthia Tripoli Hotel is that of bi-directional framework in reinforced concrete and floor slabs prefabricated on site.
The use of this form was suggested by the Client as in Tripoli it is difficult to obtain structural elements in steel and prefabricated elements in reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete.
With respect to towers F and G  120m and 60 m high respectively, it should be observed that the choice of load-bearing structures in reinforced concrete is not compatible with the use of punctiform vertical structures, i.e. the columns.
In fact the modest unitary resistance of reinforced concrete to compression, the entity of the permanent type load and seismic actions require the utilization load-bearing walls of considerable thrickness positioned as divisors between the hotel rooms.
The walls constitute a considerable architectural and plant barrier between the various spaces. It should therefore be noted the in drawing up the construction plant the interface between the network of services and the load-bearing walls must be studied carefully and that the possibility of creating apertures for doors or windows other than those in the working drawings should be evaluated with extreme caution.
For reason associated with the necessity to guarantee sufficient thermal expansion to the buildings and to confer upon them a geometrical layout configuration as far as possible in keeping with the anti-earthquake principles of regularity and symmetry, the complex of buildings is subdivided into 9 principal structural blocks (which in turn can be divided into sub-blocks separated by joints).
A shopping centre, circular in plan view, has been designed adopting radial oriented steel beams of variable shapes.