Prof. Ing.
Massimo Majowiecki

dimensioni 32.000 mq
posti a sedere: 34.000
Parcheggi: 5.000 mq.

€ 60.000.000,00


The Stadium occupies an area of approximately 32,000 m2 , in plan view, and has a seating capacity to accommodate 34.000 spectators. In addition to the athletic events area, the facility includes shopping center, restaurants, V.I.P. suites, offices etc. The steel structures, based on a reinforced concrete construction consisting of a deep foundation system and an above ground building facilities (that extend to the 6.44 m level), is formed by the grand stand upper level and his global roofing system .
For the design of the grand stands and main roof steel structure, the following aspects were taken into consideration:
- The  architectural conceptual design.
- The total coverage of the grand stands.
- Topologic and geometric arrangement of the spectator stands, taking into
   consideration the elevation difference of the V.I.P. suites.
- The required very tight time schedule for the completion of the works,
   imposing the utilization of simple methods of construction and erection.
- Cost optimization,  without compromising the structural quality, safety and
   aesthetic appearance.
- Total manufacturing of the steel components in Greece.

Conceptual design of the steel structures :

- The Steel  Structures basically consists of the following components:
   °  The grand stands supporting frame.
   °  The main roof macro-cantilever beams.
   °  The perimetric internal triangular truss beam.
   °  The secondary roof-covering support beams.
   °  The roof covering membrane.

-The grand stands supporting frame.
With a constant average separation of around 6 m (9 m at outer part), 70 plane frames are oriented normally to the rectangular play ground. The frames consists of a steel composite box beam 40 cm. wide and variable high, according the variability of the bending moments, from 30 cm to 120 cm; a central column of steel round pipe section and an external composite vertical column made of two parallel  tubes, able to support inside the separation the supporting connection detail of the stand beam.
The support stand beams , inclined according the visibility curve.are interconnected and wind braced every 5 frames corresponding to the main cantilever macrostructures.

-Main Roof  Macro-cantilever beams.
The macro cantilever beams are arranged in the same vertical plane of  the Grand Stand frames and the distance from center to center of the adjacent beams is 39 m. The total number of the main roof cantilever beams required for the completion of the project is fourteen. The free span of each cantilever beam is 35 m and the maximum height reaches 10 m. The cantilever is composed as a space macrotrusses arranged in a self-stabilized pseudo-pyramidal shape. The upper and lower layers are made of circular tubular sections. Each cantilever is counter-balanced by a rear mounted 7.80 m in length lever-arm, made of similar tubular section as the cantilever beam.

-Secondary roof-covering support beams.
The secondary beams , radially oriented , support the roof covering system and are made of variable height rectangular box-section. They are supported at the one end from the triangular truss beam and, at the other end, from the vertical supports of the grand stand external columns.

-Roof covering membrane panels.
The roof-covering consists of modular , prestressed double curvature surface membrane panels made with a composite polyester + PVDF high strength material. The roof membrane panels are supported by tubular  Π shaped steel frames , spaced  4.0 m from each other creating a typical greek “meandros” pattern.